Correctbook A5 Bullet Journal


Correctbook A5 Bullet Journal

Experience Correctbook’s Stationairy; erasable and reusable notebooks. Like a whiteboard in writing form. All written notes dry within seconds. You decide whether you leave the notes as they are, without staining, or erase them. With the free Correctbook app, important data can be digitally stored, organized and shared.

1.) Correctbook has the same writing experience as on paper.

2.) Save written notes digitally with the free Correctbook Scan App or share them in the cloud.

3.) Delete your notes and use Correctbook again.

The story of Correctbook. Correctbook is a prize-winning social company, that originated in the slums of Africa. Where there is a large shortage of school material. When purchasing the products of Correctbook you also donate erasable writing material back to Africa. Compete against global illiteracy.

Production. Correctbook is made by people with a distance to the labor market.

Correctbook A5 includes:

  1. A disc binding Correctbook in a5 (210 x 148mm) format with pen holder
  2. The script has 40 reusable/erasable whiteboard pages
  3. A disc binding in which you can take out and put in the pages
  4. Including a black 0.6mm Correctbook marker and two correctbook sponges


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